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You know what we haven't done in a really long time? A blog post. 

So here's an update as to what we're up to. We lost Lokey recently and from our grief and emptiness came a longing and action. Within days of losing our beloved cat, we were reaching out to the local cat shelter Catmandu which happens to be in the same neighborhood where we first took Lokey off the streets and into our lives. We offered our services and went out once a week for three weeks to photograph their many cats. We also took home two cats who are super adorable but that isn't what I'm here to talk about right now. 


Our first session was great! The images were good - significantly better than most of the images they had on their petfinder. Our second session was better - we focused on cats we'd missed or got mediocre pictures of. By the end of our second session we had good images of all of their cats who weren't hiding under/in things. Linda and any volunteers who saw the images were extremely excited by the images and we were extremely happy to give the cats better profile images. We also had a small handful of excellent images worthy of posting on our front slideshow. 

For our third session, however, we went in with a knowledge of the various cats and who was friendly and who was skittish. We went in with an off-camera flash and a softbox. We took significantly fewer images that we'd taken before because many of the cats were scared of the softbox. The ones who weren't however . . .  We came out of that session with some phenomenal images that I just can't get over. 


Since we've photographed all the cats we can reasonably photograph at Catmandu for now, we've begun to reach out to some of the other rescues in the area. We really want to help get some animals adopted and hopefully soon you'll see more rescues in our pet portrait album.

If you're interested in adopting a cat (or few) I do recommend checking out Catmandu. Their facility is awesome and everyone is very nice and helpful. The facility is cageless so the cats can hide or come out as the please and interact with other cats and the volunteers. The personalities come out a lot more in this environment than when they're locked in sterile cages. I can say from experience, though, that even in this facility, the cats are not as wonderful as will be when they are in their forever home, so don't let the shy ones pass you by.

The below slideshow is only images from our third session, but we did get some other great shots so make sure to check out our full set of Catmandu images.


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Outdoors in the Winter https://www.picturenv.com/blog/2013/1/outdoors-in-the-winter So we had been pondering for a few days now where we can go for awesome photography outdoors in the winter. In the summer there are many lush parks and interesting locations that have nice green backdrops, flowers, interesting grass, or at least trees. In winter all the grass is mashed down, the trees have no leaves, and the flowers are gone. Also, everything has this ugly melted snow stuck in the shadows. Fresh snow is one thing, but give it a few weeks to melt and it gathers dust and dirt and we just don't think it works for our purpose.


Now we have to say, this doesn't make for bad photography, there are all sorts of interesting subjects out there to photograph, but we really don't like it for portrait backgrounds. We just don't think the "dead" look of winter around here will please most people looking to have their image captured.  So what is there to use as backdrops? Buildings. There are all sorts of interesting buildings around here year-round.


Yesterday we went to Reno with a friend as a model and shot him around the UNR campus. I have to say, UNR is a GREAT location for photography, especially on a weekend when there aren't too many people roaming around. The bricks on the library and student union are very nice, and there are stairs everywhere. UNR is a versatile place, as well. During the spring and summer there are beautiful gardens all over the place. On the south campus there is a pond with fountains and swans. (Can you tell I went to college there?)


If you want an outdoor shoot, I have to recommend UNR as a great choice - any time of year.


Some of our results:

Jeff-at-UNR-3 Jeff-at-UNR-6 Jeff-at-UNR-9 Jeff-at-UNR-14 Jeff-at-UNR-23 Jeff-at-UNR-26







Jeff-at-UNR-52 Jeff-at-UNR-64 Jeff-at-UNR-96 Jeff-at-UNR-101










Jeff-at-UNR-113 Jeff-at-UNR-117










Jeff-at-UNR-189 Jeff-at-UNR-34 Jeff-at-UNR-81








- Beta



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Book a Portrait Studio for Your Next Party https://www.picturenv.com/blog/2012/7/book-a-portrait-studio-for-your-next-party We very recently were booked for a Fourth of July party and it was a BLAST . . . and not just the fireworks!

This was not the typical "hey, come shoot my party" booking. We were there to take portraits for the guests. We packed up our entire portrait studio, including a few items we never unpacked, just in case. After two trips from the car and a 45 minute set up and we were ready to go.


The hosts had not announced to his guests that he would have a studio set up, or that the pictures were free. They just let them figure it out. We mostly stood by our studio, in case anyone wanted pictures, and talked to those that came to us. This party was about 80% people we were already friends with, so we chatted lightly in front of our set up. We did not try to push anyone in front of the camera. We were there and fully set up with no one to shoot for 20 - 30 minutes.

And then one of them asked what was going on.


After a quick explanation, she was off to find her daughter for some portraits. Then another of our friends walked up and asked what was going on when she saw that we were taking pictures of the previous two. Then a third. By the fourth person in front of the camera, it was circulating among the guests that we were there taking pictures and they were free and it was fun. Our studio was filled with giggles for the rest of the night until the fireworks started.

Although the hosts had not told their guests about the photo studio, he had told them that cosplay was encouraged. Cosplay is when someone dresses up like a character from an anime, a game, a comic, a movie, a book, etc. Or just dresses up in a strange/cool way because they like it. Think Halloween, but more geeky, and perfectly acceptable any time of year. Many of the guests were dressed up which made for very fun pictures.

A few guests insisted that they weren't very photogenic, or that they didn't know how to pose. These were the people who seemed to have the most fun. We coach you in posing for the camera to get the best shots you'll be happy with. Feeling a little silly also helps you smile more naturally. Many of the guest came back two or three times throughout the night.


I do want to emphasize that this is a seriously fun thing to have at your party, and very memorable for your guests. After we work our magic on the pictures (teeth-whitening, etc), the guests receive individual downloadable galleries which they can post to their facebooks, or other websites, and they can always order prints. You may also prepurchase or preorder discounted prints for your guests so that they may choose a free keepsake from your party.


At the time of this writing, we are charging $100/hour for a party or event studio, with a 3-hour minimum. So, starting at $300 you can have a portrait studio at your party! We are more entertaining that a magician, we stay longer, and your guests get something that lasts longer than a balloon animal!

Call (855) 55-PicNV or email sam@picturenv.com to schedule us for your next party!

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Launching! https://www.picturenv.com/blog/2012/6/launching Work, work, work... We are very excited to launch PictureNV.com! We've been buying shiny new equipment, software, and services in anticipation of this launch. We want to make sure we have all the tools to make your photo shoot an awesome one. The work is never done and we do feel a bit like ants, just moving, and working, and going . . . and we love it! However, please mind the gaps, our website is brand new out of the box and there are some extra screws leftover after we assembled it. Some elements may not be as polished as they should be.


A bit about PictureNV - We are photographers who come to you. We can set up a temporary studio in your living room or patio, complete with backdrops. We also love taking your photo shoot outdoors to a park near you and using natural light to make your photos look great. We are excited to go to you and photograph you where you feel comfortable - it's the best way to capture you being you, and have a lot of fun doing it!

We are looking forward to capturing you, your family, your friends, your pets, your special moments - whatever you want, wherever you want.

PictureNV is a service provided by SCIENCE, LLC. SCIENCE stands for the Supreme Council Initiating and Empowering Nerdy and Cool Events, and is a really awesome event planning company in Reno. So make all checks out to SCIENCE, LLC. We do plan to become our own company some day instead of just a service, but we  will always be strongly associated with SCIENCE, LLC.


A bit more about the people behind PictureNV - at the time of this launch, PictureNV is two people - Sam is the photographer and Beta is the assistant photographer. Beta handles the website, the books, the contracts, and a lot of the post-production. I'm a Photoshop pro! No really, I have an Associates in Graphic Communication (and a BS in Accounting). I basically have degrees in Photoshop and business organization.

Sam determines the lighting, the layout, the composition, and all that other stuff that makes your photos great. I help with alternative angles and compositions, and about 80% of the post-production (getting your photos ready to print). I also love macro shots so any insect images like the one above are probably mine (which is why it's so blurry). Sam takes 90% of the pictures at a photo shoot, and I will occasionally pick up the camera as his backup.


We look forward to working with you!

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