We're going to be using this site more as a personal gallery than a professional site from now on.


Sam and Beta turned our photography hobby to a side-business for several years. We had a fun but stressful time of it and gave up the business in 2015. It was a sad ending with many people seeming not to understand why we gave it up. 

We were spending more money than we were making and we weren't putting in enough effort to actually make it work. Neither of us are sales people. We just couldn't sell enough.

We've given up our PPA membership, but we're keeping this site around. We still have the equipment and we still have the skill, but we're not doing it for money anymore. We never made much, anyway. 

We may post here and there, and there may still be stale bits of this site indicating that we're a business. We're not. Not anymore. 

If you do buy anything from the site it will go on our personal tax returns and go against the significant amount of money we spent on this business that we never made back. 

We're still around if you want to contact us, but we're not scheduling any shoots or anything anymore.


We've loved how happy we made people with our pictures, but we just couldn't sell enough. Thank you all for all the support you've given us over the years.